Dear customers, the following terms and conditions have been set out in accordance with applicable Slovak law, in particular the Consumer Protection Act for Distance Selling (Act No 108/2000), and for the purpose of laying out clear and comprehensible ru

Dear customers,

The following terms and conditions have been set out in accordance with applicable Slovak law, in particular the Consumer Protection Act for Distance Selling (Act No 108/2000), and for the purpose of laying out clear and comprehensible rules for trouble-free shopping on

I. General Provisions

The seller is Austria Medical s.r.o., Jókaiho 30, Bratislava - mestská cast Podunajské Biskupice, 821 06 Slovakia, registration number: 51 003 074 , tax identification number: 2120557824, incorporated in the Commercial Register held at the District Court Bratislava I, section Sro, insert 121233/B (“we”, “us” and “our”).

The customer (“you”, “your”) is a natural person or a legal person placing an order via

The commercial terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the seller (us) and the buyer (you). By placing an order, you accept our commercial terms and conditions as well as our delivery terms. The commercial terms and conditions are binding on you and us unless we agree otherwise.

II. Orders and Order Placement

The subject matter of orders is the merchandise on   After you place an order, you will be sent an email confirming acceptance of your order along with a copy of your order.

If you do not receive an email confirming your order, we recommend that you contact us by telephone on the telephone numbers indicated on the contact page or via email to .

We accept orders 24 hours a day. Title to the merchandise you order will pass to you after the price of the merchandise and services has been paid in full.


III. Our Rights and Duties

We shall:

- deliver the correct type and quantity of merchandise on the basis of your order at the price applicable at the time you placed your order, under the agreed payment terms,

- dispatch adequately packaged merchandise to the address you provided, within the time-frame indicated for the respective merchandise,

- process your order properly and on time from start to finish with professional care,

- hold in confidence all information we obtain in the course of processing your order,

 - supply the merchandise with a sales receipt (tax document). 

We are not responsible:

- for late delivery of merchandise caused by the courier,

- for damaged packages caused by the courier.

IV. Your Rights and Obligations

You shall:

- enter true information in the required data fields of the order form, which is used for proper delivery of the ordered merchandise and for issuing a tax document (receipt). If you are a natural person, this information is your name, address, address for delivery if different, email address and telephone number where we can reach you to confirm your order and set up a delivery time for the merchandise you ordered. If you are a legal person, the required information is the full name of the contact person, company name, company number, tax identification number, VAT number (if you are a VAT payer), address of your registered office and delivery address, if different to your registered office address, email address and telephone number where we can reach your contact person to confirm your order and set up a delivery time for the merchandise you ordered,

- pay the full purchase price for the merchandise you ordered, by the payment due date and in accordance with the commercial terms and conditions in effect on the day the order was placed by you and subsequently confirmed by us,

- accept delivery of the merchandise, check the packaging to make sure it is not damaged; if the packaging has been damaged, you should immediately write up a damage report with the delivery agent. You will need this damage report if you lodge any claims for damage to merchandise that may have occurred during transport.

V. Postage and Handling, Delivery Times


- your order will be dispatched via courier or  Post

- delivery time is given in number of business days, and can be found on the info page for each product

- the courier will telephone you prior to delivery of your parcel; Post will notify you with a parcel on hold notice.

VI. Payment Method



Webpay – we accept PayPal

VII. Withdrawal from Contract – Returning Merchandise

For online purchases made through the e-shop

Your right to withdraw from the contract

(in accordance with § 102/2014 on protection of consumers in distance selling or the provision of services under a distance contract or under an off-premises contract, and amending certain acts)

1.    You have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving a reason within 14 days after you or a person you have authorised, excluding the transporter, take delivery of the merchandise.

2.   If you wish to withdraw from the purchase contract, you must clearly notify us of your intention to withdraw by email at or by post to the address of Austria Medical s.r.o., Jókaiho 30, Bratislava - mestská cast Podunajské Biskupice, 821 06 Slovakia. You may use the sample contract withdrawal form available for download HERE. If you withdraw from the contract by email, we will promptly confirm your withdraw by email.

3.  The deadline for withdrawal is met if you send us notice of withdrawal within the time period stated above.

4.  After your withdrawal, we will refund all payments received from you under the contract, i.e. the purchase price of the merchandise. We will not refund the cost of delivery after withdrawal from the contract.  We will refund payments made by you within 14 days after we receive your notice of withdrawal from the purchase contract. Unless we agree otherwise, the refund will be made using the same means of payment as you used to pay for the merchandise.

5.  We will refund your payment for the merchandise after we receive the merchandise back from you at the aforementioned registered address of Austria Medical, or after we receive proof you have sent the merchandise back, whichever is earlier.

6.  The merchandise must be sent to the address of Austria Medical s.r.o., Jókaiho 30, Bratislava - mestská cast Podunajské Biskupice, 821 06 Slovakia, within 14 days from the day you notified us of your withdrawal from the contract. This deadline is met if you send the merchandise back to us before the 14-day period expires. You are responsible for the direct cost of returning the merchandise to us, which for distance contracts includes the cost of returning merchandise that cannot be delivered by post because of its nature.

7. You are liable for any diminished value of the merchandise caused by your handling of the merchandise in a manner other than that necessary to determine the nature, features and functionality of the merchandise. The returned merchandise cannot show any signs of use and you must return it complete with all accessories, documentation, packaging, etc. If the merchandise shows signs of damage or use, or if it is incomplete or the protective packaging is not intact, we will reject your withdrawal from the purchase contract or agree with you as to a deduction from the refund of the cost to put the merchandise back to its original condition.

8. You should comply with the following conditions to ensure your withdrawal from the contract is trouble-free:

- the merchandise must be in its original, intact packaging,

- the merchandise must not have been used,

- the merchandise must not be damaged,

- the merchandise must be complete,

- you must return the merchandise along with proof of purchase and written notice of withdrawal from the contract.

We recommend that you return merchandise insured and registered, as we are not liable if the parcel is lost or damaged during transport to us.

VIII. Warranty

All merchandise comes with the lawful warranty period, except where a warranty period exceeding the lawful period is indicated for any specific product.

IX. Returns and Complaints Policy

You must inspect the merchandise sent by us as soon as possible after the risk of damage passes to you or after it is delivered to you. You should inspect the merchandise for any defects that may be identified with the exercise of reasonable professional care.

When making a claim, you must at our request provide an invoice or delivery note as proof of purchase and eligibility of claim. If you do not prove the eligibility of your claim by providing those documents, we have the right to reject your claim.

If you claim a defect not covered by the warranty (for instance the warranty conditions are not met, you made the claim in error, etc.), we have the right to charge you the full amount of the cost we incur for remedying such defect. In this case, the service costs will be calculated on the basis of our effective service price list and delivery costs.

If we test the product and ascertain it is not defective, the claim will be considered ineligible. We reserve the right to pass on to you the costs we incurred in connection with an ineligible claim.

If you lodge a claim for defects in the merchandise that are covered under the warranty according to the effective warranty terms of Austria Medical, we will either repair the defect or exchange the defective part or equipment for a new part or equipment. With your consent, we have the right to exchange defective merchandise with other functionally compatible merchandise having at least the identical or better technical parameters.  The manner in which we handle your complaint pursuant to this paragraph is at our own discretion.

We will process your claim within 30 calendar days after we receive the defective merchandise, but if a longer time period is necessary we will notify you by email. Your claim is considered to have been processed on the day you receive the repaired or exchanged merchandise. If due to the nature of the defect we are unable to process your claim in the time-frame indicated, we will contact you to make other suitable arrangements. If we do not agree on other suitable arrangements, we shall reimburse you in the form of a credit note.


Returns are processed:

- by email at  

- by post to: Austria Medical s.r.o., Jókaiho 30, Bratislava - mestská cast Podunajské Biskupice, 821 06 Slovakia

X. Personal Data Protection

When creating your order, you will be asked to provide personal details (name, address, telephone number, email address, company identification number, tax identification number, VAT identification number). You provide personal details voluntarily. By providing personal details, you are giving us consent to the use, processing, and storing of your personal details in our database. You have the right to revoke this consent at any time. Consent will expire within 1 month after we receive your revocation of consent. Send your revocation of consent by email to  

We collect your details solely for the processing of your purchase on, i.e. for the delivery of merchandise, to provide you with commercial and marketing information, to issue tax documents (invoices), etc.

We declare that all personal data are considered strictly confidential and are processed in accordance with Act No 122/2013. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal details to any third parties, with the exception of the entities with which we must cooperate to properly process your order (e.g. we will share your delivery address with the courier so they can deliver your merchandise). However, such disclosures are on a one-off basis and strictly for the purpose of fulfilling your order.

XI. Final Provisions

The legal relationships arising between you and us are governed by Slovak law. Any matters not set out in these commercial terms and conditions and the delivery terms are subject to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

These commercial Terms and Conditions come into force on 1 August 2017.


Supervisory authority: 


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